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Telecom companies are trying to usurp the one thing that usurped television: the internet. Television was uni directional, the person was subject to the information being presented. The internet allows a dialogue to occur, it is bi directional, the person is both a creator and a viewer.

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All of these practices take an alarming toll on the environment, not to mention the animals involved. What can you do to offset this? Buy your meat, eggs and dairy products from a trusted farm that uses sustainable and humane farming practices. Many smaller farms also sell at local markets and co ops..

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I wouldn want to wear a pair of jeggings or a tee shirt that someone else has been wearing for a month, whereas I am much less bothered by wearing a used blazer. I imagine it is probably pretty difficult to get wear out of those clothes and not ruin them. I think $50 is just a little too much to rent AE clothes, which is unfortunate because I was actually considering subscribing for the summer.

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